Rainbows: Children aged 3 Months to 2 Years​


In Rainbows our ethos is to provide a cosy home from home where the children can play and learn in a warm and caring environment. The experienced and qualified staff team work in partnership with parents to ensure children’s routine is followed. This room offers children a place to extend their world by creating opportunities to explore new exciting experiences. The children have access to an outside play area, purposely created for this aged range.

Sunbeams: Children aged 2 to 3 Years


In Sunbeams we place an emphasis on creating a place for children to have a fun and happy experience. The qualified staff team create a caring, learning environment where language development alongside their physical, personnel, social & emotional development is key. We aim to encourage the children to become independent in their learning. Using both indoors and outdoor play areas support the children’s experiences.

Stars: Children aged 3 to 5 Years



In Stars generally known as ‘Foundation’ children have access to all the 7 areas of learning which cover the full ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum’. Children are encouraged to explore and become involved in all the inviting and exciting play experiences. Allowing children time to extend their learning and development in safe, secure but fun environment. The qualified and experienced staff team offer opportunities for children to become independent in their learning, making choices for themselves.

There is some emphasis of formal learning within this room. The room is led by a qualified experienced teacher. Group time happens throughout the day. Children have access to a wide variety of learning experiences, preparing children, to learn skills ready for entering school.